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still bleeding

Hello, hope all are doing well during this quarantine! Question, I am almost 2 years out from my treatment but still bleed during at least half of bowel movements. Is this normal? 

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Hi Dawn!
I do get small amounts of blood on occasion...I'm almost 7 years out. It is typically light pink on the tissue and is from external irritated skin vs the dark red blood I would have prior to treatment. Every once in a while if I have a very hard stool I will get some of the darker blood. When is your next anoscope? I have a feeling it's radiation related...it's just really screws up the tissue inside and out.
Take care ❤️
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I still bleed sometimes. My anoscopies are scheduled every three months, and my doctor does not see anything suspicious just post-radiation inflammation and poor healing fissures.
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I'm 5 years out (6/25) and even more thinned skinned with years passing. The reason, I treat it as normal (for me); it happens with diet of grainy/seeds and roughage, and after multiple visits in a day; a couple times a week.
I judge it based on above, and comparable (literally) to,say, if you were to dab a lightly skinned knee. I also, have develop a rope burn, sensation, when I move too quickly across bedding or twist too quickly, very painful, but goes away fast; not associated with blood.
However, I think all of us would agree, not to call bleeding normal; it is something to check out with doctors; along with comparing your symptoms to others here. Sometimes, you don't want exams, as they cause bleeding to, but just a chat with a well skilled doc.
Hope this helps.
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Happens to me sometimes, especially after eating hot peppers on something, or if I have a "firm' stool, and I am almost to year 7. When was your last anoscopy, see if you are developing radiation proctitis, which can happen after our treatment. That is likely the cause, but please get checked for your peace of mind. X
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I have occasional slight bleeding with a hard BM. I'm almost 12 years out of treatment.
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going to be 10 years out in August. Off and on a bit of blood appears. I get an anoscopy every six months and the colorectal surgeon says all is well, just that the new skin is not as strong as the old skin! And yes, it is all part of what the Brits call Pelvic Radiation Disease.
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I’m nearly 5 years out and I still get that sporadically. I take three collace every day to keep my stools soft, but sometimes still have issues. My GI doc said to keep taking the collace for the rest of my life - it doesn’t cause any problem. Hope yours is just your “new normal!”
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Hi, Dawn. I occasionally bleed, and not from hard stool, but when I have a bout of frequent diarrhea. This has happened since treatment 6 years ago, and my radiology oncologist at UCLA has always said it is caused by the radiation dermatitis and/or a hemorrhoid I have, and I’m told not to worry about it. As others have said though, I would have it checked out by your CR or whomever you see for your followup care.
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Our skin is healing, our organs are healing, everything is trying to be healthy again. I add L-Glutamine to my morning apple cider vinegar and lemon juice drink. Aids in cell repair.

Happy birthday week!
HAppy Day, Dawn...hope you will be able to celebrate despite these strange times...

and let us know how you are!
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